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What is Invoices Funding?

Managing cash flow is critical for any business, irrespective of the economic cycle.

Invoices Funding plugs the cashflow gap between date of issuing tax invoices and the actual date clients pay.

What are the benefits of Invoices Funding?

Reverses the negative impact that delayed receipt periods have on a business.

The upside is monies in the bank within 24-48 business hours to fund daily & weekly operational costs, including suppliers.

The funder will provide 80% of the value of unpaid Tax Invoices upfront and the balance once the client pays, less a nominal daily interest fee.

Invoices Funding can be viewed as an ‘unsecured’ line of credit and isn’t recorded as a Liability on the business financials. There are several other benefits we can discuss, if interested in proceeding.

How does it work?

As an example, let’s say your client receives your Tax Invoice for $5,000. If your client typically pays by 21 days, you receive $4,000.00 upfront payment, followed by $811.00* when your client pays the $5,000 Tax Invoice. If your client typically pays 30 days, then $4,000.00 upfront and $730.00* when your client pays …. if 45 days, $4,000.00 upfront followed by $595*.00. (*This amount adjust as the interest fee is calculated on a daily rate, so, if your client pays within 15 or 22 or 36 days, the amount changes to reflect the date of payment)

Why Fee Funding Australia Pty Ltd

Our previous careers in finance, plus our origins date back to 2001 when the founder assisted in the development of the first ‘fee funding’ product offering. Today, we are the only Fee Funding facilitator to deliver multiple options.

Next steps

There is no cost to your firm to establish an Invoices Funding facility. To proceed, click here to access and complete the online Enquiry Form.

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